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Window frames

What are window frames (HI-SASH)?

It is environmentally friendly lead-free or PVC material window
frame products with superior durability, functionality,
and design which is leading the window frame market.
With excellent insulation and sound insulation properties,
it can provide energy saving and pleasant living space
for the customers.

Product category

- Balcony window with first grade rating of energy consumption efficiency optimized energy-saving
  With the basis of superior insulation and sound insulation, it makes interior and design luxurious.

- Best windows of reliable quality with beautiful design, energy-saving, and safety design
  Balcony window with superior insulation and sound insulation performance that can withstand strong winds.

- Room window that creates a warm and quiet atmosphere and living room divider that is easy to open and close
  Customized window frames are provided for different interior spaces.

Differentiated product colors

Including white color, various colors for the interior and exterior are implementation-ready
- Various types of wood grain color is possible. (Wood pattern wrapping profile)
- It implements various colors and adds luxury to the exterior, and it is fit for using building exterior.
  due to its high strength against high temperature and scratches at summer season.(ASA profile)

Customer inquiry

When there are inquiries or problems of use about products provided by the company,
promise the fastest and most sincere response.