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Lithium ion Polymer Battery (LiPB) is one kind of second
batteries. Al Pouch Film is a multi layered film to protect
key components of LiPB such as negative pole, positive
pole, separation film and electrolyte from external
environment. LiPB can be produced in more various
shapes or thinner wall than circular or angular shapes
so it has rapidly developed based on small battery for
smart phone or tablet market.
Also its industry is being expanded to medium or large
battery for Electric vehicle or Energy story systems. therefore,
the quality standards of customer for Al Pouch Film such as electrolyte
or formability are getting higher and Heesung Chemistry is providing
differentiated solution which exceeds customer’s quality standards.


The level of internal electrolyte resistance, formability, and customer
quality requirements necessary in Al Pouch Film is increasing
and based on state-of-the-art equipment and superior technology,
Heesung Chemical Al Pouch Film provides differentiated solutions
that surpass the customer quality requirement levels.

Product specifications